Single Origin Coffee - Mexico Chocamán Anaerobic

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    Presentation: 300 g.

    Natural process with anaerobic fermentation. Selective harvest of overripe cherries (25º Brix), hydrodensimetric cherry separation, fermentation in black bags in a dark environment with an average temperature of 15ºC (for 6 nights), drying on African beds, in intermittent sun and shade (for 28 days). 

    Tartaric acidity - lactic - citric. Notes: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, coffee liqueur, honey and peach.

    Shade growing system.

    With arabicas under the cultivation system with tree density, which favor symbiosis or natural life cycle. 
    - Flora: deciduous forest and in the highest parts small areas of pine forest.
    - Fauna: populations of foxes, tlacuaches, squirrels, rabbits, and reptiles.

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    Score and Tasting notes


    Score: 86.5

    Tasting notes: Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, coffee liqueur, honey and peach

     Cultivation and Process

    Origin: Chocamán
    Altitud: 1.265 m.s.n.m.
    Tueste: Medium nature
    Process: Anaeróbic
    Variety: Guesha, Typica and Bourbon


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