Chai & Matcha

Tiger Chai by David Rio


Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon and spices.

Tiger chai is a rich and foamy blend of black tea and spices that can be made with either water or tea by simply adding a tablespoon of the blend. Perfect for a good capucchino due to it's unique flavor when combined with coffee creating an experience for your plate that will make you want more.


    Matcha - Tea Projects


    Matcha tea is  a tea popularized by japanese monks, despite it's Chinese origin. This tea strenghtens the immune system, helps with liquid retention, is relaxing and de-stressing.

    Among its multiple benefits, some of the most important ones are:

    - It is a relaxing brain stimulant.
    - Helps with reducing cholesterol, controlling high blood presure and diabetes.
    - Favors burning fat and satiates hunger.
    - Great antioxidant qualities.