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Kettel Buono jug 1 l


Stainless steel jug with a capacity of 1.2L.

The kettle has an original design and an exclusive gooseneck that allows you to control the water pouring with great precision. Ideal for making drip coffee.

The Hario kettle buono kettle has a full capacity of 1L and a practical capacity of 600ml. Its elegant design finished in a gooseneck is fantastic for making drip or filter coffee (Hario, Chemex ...) 

Unlike your usual saucepan, the Hario's slim tube allows you to precisely control the amount of water that is poured without splashing.


    Aeropress Kettle


    AeroPress is a well-known filter coffee maker with which you can make between 1 and 3 cups.

    Its operation is simple, since its design allows you to make an exceptional coffee using the pressure exerted by the air. 
    This means that in a very short period of time we can obtain a coffee with a large amount of oils, minimizing the amount of sedimentation.


      3-cup Siphon Kettle


      An exceptionally effective method for those looking for a coffee with less body than with the French press, without sediment and with incomparable freshness.


        Ceramic mill SKERTON


        Hario's Skerton is an essential object for any Coffee Brewer who wants to grind coffee in a traditional and careful way.

        It has conical ceramic grinding wheels, which allows the grains to be ground into uniform particles, obtaining less amount of sediment. Easy and simple to use, it also has a silicone lid to preserve the properties of freshly ground coffee.


          V60 Misarashi Filters


          Box of 100 units.

          Hario Unbleached Filters for the V60 are filters of unsurpassed quality. They are made in Japan, like the vast majority of products from this well-known Japanese brand for barista lovers.

          This filter paper ensures perfect filtering without any type of sediment when obtaining the extraction. The shape of this filter simulates a cone that ends in a point, so that the coffee can fall from there to the cup.


            Square Chemex Filters


            Box of 100 units.

            Square Chemex Filters, is the filter designed for use in the vast majority of Chemex kettler. Its spectacular design facilitates its extraction once the process is finished.

            This filter is made of high-quality, heavy-weight disposable paper.

            The exclusivity and value of these filters is recognized by all the passionate baristas, since they are specially designed to obtain all the essence of freshly ground coffee, since it allows it to be extracted without losing its essence.

            Compared to all other conventional filters, they are around 20-30% thicker. This means that the most bitter elements of the coffee do not enter your cup.


              Kettle V60


              The V60 is an easy-to-use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavor in your coffee.


                Delhicat Healthy Tea Mug


                Set consisting of cup and lid for Delhicat Healthy infusions.

                Exclusively designed for Cafes El Globo.


                  Coffee artisans cup - Limited Edition


                  Coffee artisans cup, limited edition.

                  Vintage design. Single presentation.

                  - Metallic mug in elegant retro design

                  - 380ml of capacity.

                  - Irregular finish to highlight the vintage appearance