Weight: 250 g.

A curated selection of arab coffee from the best producing countries (Colombiqa, Brasil, Nicaragua) that gives birth to a blend with great personality in your cup

A medium toast coffee, sweet, with a very fine flavor, elegant and fruity. Ideal for an espresso, producing a thick and even layer of foam in your cup- a coffee with texture and a long aftertaste.

A presentation especially devised so you can offer the best coffee in your locale.


    Descafeinado Ítaca


    Presentation: 2 kg.

    Mono origin coffee of medium roast, sweet, with a very fine, elegant and fruity flavor.

    is a decaffeination process in which the elements used are water, temperature and time. It is the only process in which no chemical substance is used to remove caffeine from coffee.


      Freeze-dried Decaf Ithaca


      100 sticks of 1.6 g each

      Easy to prepare, comfortable, quick and clean- add hot water or milk.

      The basic principle of freeze-drying is elimination of water by sublimation.