Café Original Blend 100% Arábica


Presentation: 1 kg.

The house's flagship blend, 100% Arabica, respecting the recipe with which we revolutionized the high-end coffee market in Asturias in 1997.

Fragrance of vanilla, candy and coffee cherry, with a balanced flavor.

Recently roasted to ensure a fresh cup of coffee.


    Café Selección Natural 100% Arábica


    Presentación: 1 kg.

    Nuestro Blend Natural con todo su carácter, ahora elaborado con una selección de cafés arábicas.

    Fragancia a frutos secos y ligero regaliz.

    Tostado recientemente para garantizar un café fresco en taza.


      Decaf Colombia 100% Arábica


      Presentation: 1 kg.

      Mono origin, the fullness of Colombia in a decaffeinated cup.

      It maintains all the flavor of the coffee through a natural decaffeination process in water.

      Cocoa, caramel and citrus fragrance. Mild and sweet taste.

      Recently roasted to ensure a fresh cup of coffee.


        Soluble Decaf El Globo


        100 Satchet Box.

        Soluble coffee that has been dehydrated and dissolves instantaneously in water and/or milk, of easy preparation, comfortable and clean without need for filters or high pressure machines.