DelhiCat Healthy Black Chai Cinnamon

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    15 Units Box.

    Black tea, anise, cinnamon, pepper, clove, cardamom, achicoria root.

    Spiced blak tea. Very pupular inIndia, though the recipe varies between areas and depends on each "chai wallah" (wandering chai seller). It's often attributed medicinal, digestive and stimulant characteristics.

    DelhiCat Healthy, a gourmet selection of tea and natural infusions, grown in the wild and treated differently from the manual harvesting to the natural drying process.


    Tea is a noble and versatile drink, it's leaves containing it's aroma, flavor and nutrients, which it releases in the moment of brewing.

    Among its benefits for health are the lowering of cholesterol levels, its digestive, stimulant and cleansing properties... and it's high antioxidant content to help you maintain a youthful, radiant skin.

    Guarentee of non-transgenic origin.

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