Café Original Blend 100% Arábica

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    Presentation: 1 kg.

    The house's flagship blend, 100% Arabica, respecting the recipe with which we revolutionized the high-end coffee market in Asturias in 1997.

    Fragrance of vanilla, candy and coffee cherry, with a balanced flavor.

    Recently roasted to ensure a fresh cup of coffee.

    • 250g
    • 1kg
    Elige el Tipo de Molienda

    Tasting notes

    - Fragancy: vanilla, candy and coffee cherry.
    - Aroma: almond and black currant.
    - Flavor: balanced, sweetness and medium acidity.
    - Body: medium to high.

          Product features

    - Conservation: In dry environments.
    - Best before: 1 year.
    - Packaging: Degassing valve.
    - Species: Arábica 100 %.
    - Toasting: Natural medium.



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