DelhiCat Healthy Organic Mango Green

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    Box of 15 units.

    Organic green tea 100%.

    Green tea, mango chunks and calendula flower.

    The combination of tea with the fresh flavor of mango and the calendula flowers gives way to a revitalizing cup of tea, antioxidant and full of flavor.

    It's a refreshing tea that can be served hot or cold. Smooth to the palate, it has the soft flavor of mango with it's fruity aromas. A soft and light flavor with body, a wide range of aromas and mango flavor.

    DelhiCat Healthy, a gourmet selection of tea and natural infusions, grown in the wild and treated differently from the manual harvesting to the natural drying process.


    The organic cultivation of tea requires a strict control. Fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides must not contain any chemical substance, requiring ones made from purely natural substances.  

    Objectives of this farming are to obtain a sustainable production, protecting the environment and answering the growing market of consumers worried about the health of both the planet and their bodies.

    Guarantee of non-transgenic origin.
    Every ingredient in this tea is organic.


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