Single Origin Coffee - México Zongolica

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    Presentation: 300 g.

    Citric and malic acidity, creamy body, pleasant aftertaste. Notes of honey, fresh butter, caramel, dark chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, orange.

    Shade growing system. 

    With arabicas under the cultivation system with tree density, which favor symbiosis or natural life cycle.

    - Flora: Forests of pine, oak and ocote
    - Fauna: Tlacuache, gopher, armadillo, temazate, raccoons, badgers and other non-venomous reptiles and birds abound.

    Approximately 50 people collaborate in the cultivation of this coffee, from collectors to helpers in the beneficiary.

    Elige el Tipo de Molienda

        SCA score certified by our Q Arabica Grader & Lecturer

    - Acidity 7.5
    - Balance
    - Body 7.75
    - Sweetness
    - Fragance/Aroma
    - Taster's score 7.5
    - Flavor 7.75
    - Residual taste
    - Clean cup
    - Uniformity
    Final score: 83.75

          Product features


          - Height: 1,600 msnm.
    Climate: Temperate-humid-extreme
    - Fermentation:
    In fermentation tanks, for approx. 30 hours
    - Estate:
    - Process:
    pulped and washed
    - Productor: Bernardino Tzitzihua Xotlanihua / Filiberto Xotlanihua Yopihua
    Drying: Sundeck
    Shade: Mild-Moderate
    Varieties: Garnica + Typical or Creole


    "Place of Tributes or Forces".
    The dominators of the triple alliance placed a Tequihua (place where the tributes met) there to exercise their authority and hence the name, Tequila was in pre-Hispanic times and during the 16th century, the head of a confederation of towns.

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