Black Essence

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    Black coffee, just coffee.

    A coffee with a different treatment that seeks to optimize all its benefits. Designed to be served plain, with no additives, no milk, no sugar, no sweeteners.

    A sweet and acid flavor at the same time, that you do not expect.

    100% Arabica specialty coffees from small farms, beans picked at their optimal level of maturation, going through a special roast, a preparation with less extraction time and less water temperature, which helps to enhance the flavors of the coffee, mainly maintaining the sweetest and most acidic.

    Elige el Tipo de Molienda

        Tasting notes

    Fragrance: very fine and intense.
    - Aroma: delicate floral and sweet notes.
    - Taste: fruity and with acidity.
    Body: excelent.

          Product features

    Conservation: In dry environments.
    - Consume preferably before: 1 year.
    Package: degassing valve..
    Species: Arábica 100 %.
    Roasting type: Medium nature.



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